The way to make more money isn't just salary negotiation

The way to make more money isn't just salary negotiation
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There are over a hundred thousand articles online abut salary negotiation. How to do it, when to do it, where to do it. The list goes on and on.

I spent this morning reading some of them and as a 20 year veteran of HR, career coach and founder of an organization dedicated to helping women make more money I saw NOT one talking about the thing I am going to talk about.

The way to make more money in your career comes down to one thing.

Your network.

Stay with me a minute here. Don't scroll away! Here is what I am talking about.

1) Connecting with someone in an organization gets you inside knowledge about what kind of salaries people are making, bonuses and benefits that are available.

2) HR knows that using referrals increases retention by 46% for employers. This means we will often increase the salary offered knowing that they will stay longer than sourced candidates.

3) Referrals account for 30 to 50 percent of all new employees. In fact, a candidate who is invited for an interview has a 40% higher probability of being recruited than other prospective employees. 

In other words, referred candidates are four times more likely to land a job through their referrals than those candidates who were chosen for interviews through company recruitment websites.

But here is what makes this even more shocking.

Women in the are 28% less likely than men to have a strong network, according to LinkedIn data. This “gender network gap” holds true across virtually every country we looked at.

If we want to truly close the gender wage gap - we need to help women develop stronger networks. We need women to understand how CRITICAL it is to have a netw0rk of folks who are willing to introduce you to companies, become friends and open doors for you.

I watch women - take another course, learn a new skill, spend money on better clothes, a new resume and I just want to scream....

If you have any professional goals you want to hit this year. Making more money, getting a new job, finding more clients, finding more fulfilling work - they can ALL be solved by spending 40 hours (probably less) - building a professional community.

Not by taking an MBA. Not by taking a writing course. Not by sitting looking at a wall and asking why you can't get anyone to look at your resume.

I get it - this sounds hard. It doesn't have to be. I was SO UPSET by all of this I built a fix.

A group of women who ONLY are getting together because they want the power of a network. They want career coaching support. They want to be that person who has a group of women who are cheering for them and opening doors. A group where there are no power suits - just laughter and honesty.

So no more staring at a wall. Time to get moving. Your career will thank you!

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Allison Venditti is a Career Coach, Founder of Moms at Work, mom of 3, winter bike rider, lover of star wars, HR expert and advocate for working moms and pay transparency. (I am also a hyper connector and get excited at the possibility of adding you to my network.)

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