Video: Life insurance basics for parents with PolicyMe

If life insurance has been on your to-do list or just seems overwhelming or confusing, this video is for you.

Video: Life insurance basics for parents with PolicyMe
PolicyMe co-founder Laura McKay with her daughter Maisie.

Earlier this week, I sat down with PolicyMe co-founder Laura McKay to discuss everything parents need to know about life insurance.

She explains who needs life insurance, the different types available, how to determine how much coverage you need, and answers our questions about pre-existing conditions, medical exams and more.

Not only is Laura a Canadian tech company co-founder, she's also a proud mama to her 18 month old daughter Maisie and a member of the Moms at Work community.

We hope you find our conversation as enlightening as we did!

PolicyMe is a digital life insurance solution built to make financial protection for families honest, uncomplicated and affordable. To get a quote and apply for term life insurance online in 20 minutes or less, visit PolicyMe.