Five things you need to know about LinkedIn - and I don't use the word optimize once!

Five things you need to know about LinkedIn - and I don't use the word optimize once!
  1. Linkedin IS NOT a resume. Please do not list your accomplishments and how many widgets you sold last year - it is UNNECESSARY. I need to know what your job is/was and why you were the best at it.

So here is an example:

Sales Manager (cotton apparel division) <- see what I did there - I put exactly WHAT I did in brackets

or this

Administrative Coordinator (bookkeeping + reception) <- now you have added key words to your job title that will come up in your search.

2. The only thing that matters in a recruitment job search is job titles and your connections. We are NOT looking at how you "excel at relationship building" but we ARE looking at your current title. So make sure that whatever role you are looking for you have that in your description under your name. Linkedin is a search platform. We search by key words.

3. If you are trying to break away from your current life of drudgery (aka career) into a new and exciting life then you are going to have to flip the switch and be a bit more forward. If there is a role and there is a hiring manager then send them a note.

Too forward? Too much? Think again - in a little test I conducted a few months ago I had 50 people reach out to hiring managers on linkedin 1 in 2 got back to them and looked at their profile. 15 of them got interviews. Please know that if we don't want to respond we will not (and nothing bad will happen) but if we look at your profile and are interested - well you just jumped the line - and really HR is so busy right now you are doing me a favour.

4. Linkedin IS social media. Period. I think people forget that. It means that you need to interact, connect and post for people to see your stuff. Comment on someone's job posting. Ask if you can send them a DM to ask a question. CONNECTIONS. CONNECTIONS. CONNECTIONS.

5. Get ready - too often I make a connection and ask for their resume or do a last minute interview and people are NOT prepared. So I say this to you kindly - if you have not done an interview in a while or you have not updated your resume - it is time to do that - check out our low cost courses here to help you get up to speed! $49-99 that is it.

5. Last and most certainly not least is that more jobs are....drum roll...landed becuase of WHO YOU KNOW. 70% of job postings will never see the light of day. Someone will make a personal referral and boom you just moved into a new role.

Now before your eyes roll back in your head because you might not have that network - it is time to start. The Moms at Work Collective is that space. We are hiring managers, leaders and changemakers in every area of work. Government, tech, healthcare, legal, social justice and more. If you have never found your network now is the time to get on that - because you could spend 15 hours rolling around on linkedin and hating your life or you could get in here with us and find the network you have been waiting for. Waitlist is open - click HERE to join the list

About the author.

Allison Venditti is a Career Coach, HR Expert and pay transparency and equity advocate. She is the founder of Canada’s first professional association for mothers. Want to work with us - get on in here to our community with the Collective

Oh and when she is recruiting — she always lists the salary range because that is what progressive, equitable leaders do. Follow me @thisismomsatwork on instagram for more obvious hiring advice and fun gifs :)