Mom at Work: Lauren Wagner

Mom at Work: Lauren Wagner
Lauren Wagner with her six-year-old son.

Lauren Wagner is a Registered Health Coach (RHC™) and Certified Fitness Trainer based in Vancouver. After working in healthcare for over ten years, Lauren started her own business in May 2021 and now spends her time helping her clients – most of whom are busy moms – achieve their health and fitness goals.

Here are some fun facts to get to know this mother-of-two and one of the founding members of The Collective.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I get to do something that I am passionate about every day.

What is one challenge you’re currently facing?

Starting a business is hard! You go from having one job to all the jobs and there simply is not enough time in the day to do it all.

Do you have any words of advice for someone considering starting a business?

It’s just like parenting: hard, messy and every day is different but it is also incredibly fulfilling and it makes my heart sing.

Please tell us why you decided to join The Collective? Is there anything about your  experience so far, you’d like to share?

I decided to join The Collective because I had a great experience with the Moms at Work Insiders (a group coaching program formerly offered by Moms at Work). I find all the women so welcoming, and everyone has such great ideas and genuinely wants to help. I’m actually in awe with how many kick-ass women are part of this Collective. It’s a little bit intimidating.

Proudest work achievement?

My proudest work achievement is deciding to bet on myself and start my own business. No matter what happens, I am incredibly proud that I am putting myself out there, getting out of my comfort zone and learning a ton every single day.

What’s been most challenging  about parenting during the pandemic?

The most challenging thing about this pandemic is the uncertainty of it all. One day things have opened up and you feel like life is almost back to normal and then the next day schools are closed and you are back to figuring it all out again.

Also not having a break from our children. We don’t have any family in Vancouver so when we couldn’t even hire a babysitter, that was tough!

Favourite way to relax or recharge?

Oh, I have lots of ways to relax or recharge, it’s absolutely necessary, especially right now. Going for nature walks, reading a book, working out, doing yoga (it’s a must), listening to 90s hip hop and dancing in my kitchen, having drinks with friends and binge-watching all the binge-worthy shows. I just crushed The Morning Show…so, good!

Ideal vacation? (we can dream can’t we?)

My ideal vacation is sitting on a beach with a pina colada in hand, with no kids in sight. I can picture it now!

What is one thing your kids would say you’re really good at?

My kids would say that I am really good at making them feel better. I know this because anytime something goes wrong they call for me. Which is heart-warming and exhausting. I believe this is what they call emotional labour, hehehe.

One surprising thing you learned after becoming a parent?

The one surprising thing I learned after becoming a parent is how much stronger I have become. After having my son, my mama bear came out and is definitely not going back into her cage.

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