Mom at Work: Shafina Coelho

Mom at Work: Shafina Coelho

Shafina Coelho is a Toronto-based Human Resources specialist passionate about helping women to find meaningful employment. In addition to her role with Moms at Work as job search coach and moderator for The Collective, she is the co-founder of Frida + Phoenix, an online, preloved children’s clothing shop.

Here are a some fun facts about this mother-of-two and long time member of the Moms at Work community.

Proudest work achievement?

“Starting up a few projects in my spare time that help the planet. I started Plate Share with a couple of other parents which helps to reduce single-use plastic waste when throwing parties. People can borrow reusable plates, cutlery and drinkware in their neighbourhood from local Plate Share hosts for free.

And also starting Frida + Phoenix, an online, preloved children’s clothing shop aimed at keeping clothes out of the landfill while keeping your kids cute.”

Favourite way to relax or recharge?

“Drinking red wine and playing Dutch Blitz with my friends. It’s a card game and I’m terrible at it but I’m determined to win one day.”

Ideal vacation?

“My parents have taken me back to East Africa where they were born a few times in my life. I would love to go back there again with my parents and this time bring my kids and husband so they can experience it. It’s such a beautiful place and truly unforgettable in so many ways.”

Favourite book, author or podcast?

“I’m really into learning about the ego right now and love devouring anything by Eckhart Tolle. I especially love his podcast with Oprah. It really puts things into perspective.”

Shafina moderates the Job Hunting space on The Collective where she shares tips and resources, answers questions and hosts regular events to help members navigate the job application and interview process.