Why did no one prepare us for midlife career change?

Why did no one prepare us for midlife career change?
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In my last year of university, I looked at my final course choices (Latin, classical architecture, history) and realized I had no idea what I was going to do with this degree when I was done.

So I did what every great career powerhouse did in their early 20s - went to the student services offices, picked up a course guide and looked at certificate programs that would get me a job when I was all done. (For those of you invested in this story I picked Human Resources)

And that is what I did for the next 15 years of my career, and you know what? It was fine. It was a decent-paying job. I kind of liked it. I was really good at it, but then I had 2 kids and my whole world shifted.

The things I liked at my job I now sort of hated. I hated being the last parent to be at pick-up. I was chaffed at being strapped to my desk for 40 hours a week, making money for a company I was quickly starting to despise. I was exhausted and could no longer feel good about a job that I was quickly becoming ashamed of.

Now, unfortunately, it didn't feel as easy as showing up and picking a program. I had a mortgage, huge daycare bills, a "good" job that gave me an RRSP and 3 weeks vacation.

Changing careers when you have little people relying on you is totally different.

Here is a list of things, in no particular order, that I came up with that would make it IMPOSSIBLE for me to change jobs.

  1. I couldn't afford a pay cut
  2. I needed to be within 30 minutes of daycare for emergencies
  3. I needed at least 3-4 weeks vacation
  4. I needed to have sick leave
  5. I did not have time to go back to school
  6. I didn't have time to make this change - my kids were 3 & 1 and I hadn't slept a full night in 3 years

I looked at the list and then cried and threw the list away. I looked up 'stress leave' and I would think about what would happen if I quit and moved to a cabin in the woods.

But then something happened, and I asked myself the question I should have asked. "What would happen if I didn't change careers?" Here is my list:

  1. I would need to go on stress leave
  2. My children would watch me hate my job - I was their example of what work should be
  3. I would snap at my boss and eventually get fired
  4. I would lose the one chance in this one life to do something that meant something to me and that I would be proud to tell my children about.

Suddenly my IMPOSSIBLE list became a starting point and I realized that many of them were just barriers I was throwing up.

I had been working as a consultant and I knew that I could come up with an action plan, process and ideas for just about any problem.

It was time to focus on my career.

Since that happened, I became a career coach and am now the Founder of Canada's largest community for working mothers. I have worked with hundreds of other women to help them make a change. I call it career consulting. No navel-gazing, thinking and overthinking. If you are ready to start then that is good enough.

Thinking about change will get you nowhere. You have to act.

I am here to help.

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