Geotab’s flexible, family-friendly perks support women’s career advancement

Global telematics company headquartered in Oakville, Ontario aims to further engage in reaching gender parity.

Geotab’s flexible, family-friendly perks support women’s career advancement
Nicole Calix Coy, Geotab’s Compliance and Diversity Program Manager

If the word ‘telematics’ has you scratching your head, you’re not alone.

Though integral to the safe and efficient movement of people and goods around the globe, telematics — an interdisciplinary field that encompasses telecommunications, vehicular technologies, electrical engineering, and computer and data science —operates mostly beyond the public’s view.

And Ontario-based Geotab is at the forefront of this global field, attracting the right kind of attention by offering workplace perks promoting diversity and inclusion, well beyond typical tech offerings like ping pong tables and fully-stocked kitchens, says Nicole Calix Coy, Geotab’s Compliance and Diversity Program Manager.

“Our leaders are people managers first. They want to make sure their employees are supported. They want to make sure your life is taken care of,” notes Calix Coy, a mother to four children ages 10 to 23.

Importantly, Geotab’s flexible work schedule lets employees work partially or fully remote, she notes, respecting work-life balance while encouraging open communication and workplace well-being.

Teams have daily or weekly huddles where employees ­– affectionately referred to as ‘Geotabbers’ – provide status updates and discuss challenges too, another way of improving efficiency and encouraging collaboration. There are also optional internal networking events where employees are paired up randomly to encourage new connections and cross-team learning.

While the number of women employed at Geotab has been increasing, attracting and retaining female talent continues to be a challenge in the tech industry, since fewer women graduate with Engineering and technical degrees. The pandemic has created additional barriers, with mothers and racialized women being disproportionately affected, especially when it comes to caregiving responsibilities.

Geotab is committed to changing this.

Last year Geotab signed on to the Canadian Federal Government’s 50:30 Challenge aiming to achieve at least 50 per cent gender parity with at least 30 per cent representation of all other underrepresented groups of its senior leadership roles by 2030.

The ‘Women at Geotab’ Employee Resource Group offers roundtables, events and mentorship programs like ‘Coaching for Success’ pairing women with senior staff, another way to support their paths to leadership. Employees can also take advantage of Geotab’s Professional Development Reimbursement Program which allows for continual learning and upward mobility.

Additional perks include a $5,000 bonus for the birth, adoption or surrogacy of a child, as well as healthcare benefits, retirement savings plans, and even a home office program ensuring everyone has a work environment that is conducive to success.

“In my 20-year career, I’ve never experienced the work-life balance I’ve been able to achieve with Geotab — or felt so supported,” reflects Calix Coy, who recently completed a Law Degree in Compliance, which has helped her advance to a more senior role within the company.

Perhaps most notably, becoming a Geotabber hasn’t forced Nicole to choose between her career goals and being a mom.

“The leaders at Geotab understand that you’re a mom first, a wife first, or whatever those parameters may be.”

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As part of their recruitment initiatives, Geotab partners with BIPOC and women’s organizations like Moms at Work to help create awareness about their workplace culture and family-friendly perks. This article was the result of such a collaboration.